About Us

Founded in 2003, our main goal was to get a group of guys together that wanted to ride and have fun. We started with a core group of close friends with a vision to create a motorcytcle club that was suited to our needs. We got organized and quickly filled our ranks.

Freed Spirits is a motorcycle club made up of men focused on that same vision. Our club is primarily for Harley Davidson motorcycles. We are non-political, non-territorial, and hold no issues with other clubs. We ride to promote brotherhood and to have a good time. We enjoy supporting other clubs, attending rallies and charity fund raising events but our main focus is to create a brotherhood and to ride whenever possible. Membership and brotherhood are earned. You do not get handed a patch, you earn it through respect and dedication. Our brothers are our second family.

If you think you would fit in, and are interested in becoming a member of our club,
just send us an e-mail or talk to one of our members next time you see one.

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